Web Hosting Nigeria - What Options Do You Have?

Web hosting Nigeria - There are several options available to you.

You could host your web site with a . . .

  • Conventional web site hosting company or
  • A small business web hosting company

    The hosting company you choose for your web business will affect the kind of result you get from your home based internet business.

    What kind of result do you want?

    Naturally, you want your online business to add value to your offline business, if you already have one or to boost the revenue from your new business if you're just starting out.

    Building and hosting a web site cost money. Therefore you expect the web site to generate enough revenue to pay for the expenses and even earn a profit.

    Bottom line.

    You want profitable result from your internet business. And the only way to guarantee that is to host your site with a web site hosting company that delivers that kind of result.

    So, what are the criteria for selecting the right hosting company?

    Well, the ideal company . . .

    1. Should be reliable

    2. Have 99.9% server uptime

    3. Provide 24/7 customer support

    4. Show verifiable proof of success (the best web hosting companies do)

    Many conventional web site hosting companies lure customers with . . .

  • Free domain names
  • Cheap hosting prices
  • Free web site builders and
  • E-commerce web site hosting

    Few talk about internet business success. And that is the outcome that matters most.

    My advice?

    Stick with a small business web site hosting company that can show verifiable proof of success among it's customers. Not just one or two. Stick with companies that show overwhelming proof of success like Site Build It! proof of success.

    For Nigeria web site hosting companies, the major challenge they face is infrastructural challenge especially power supply.

    Power supply in Nigeria is erratic. And running a hosting company entirely on generator power is demanding financial. So, many Nigeria hosting companies struggle to get along.

    Consequently, some Nigeria hosting companies have partnered with uk hosting companies to guarantee server uptime of 99.9% and hence, satisfy the yearnings of customers.

    Someday the energy crisis in Nigeria will subside and Nigerian hosting companies that depend solely on their servers can meet customer expectations.

    In the meantime, the best bet is to stick with a company that uses reliable third party servers overseas. It's sad but you can't kill your internet based business in the name of blind patriotism.

    Web Site Hosting Packages

    Build My Web Site For Me

    Ecommerce Web Site Hosting

    Free Hosting

    Link Partner

    Windows Hosting Dedicated Server
    Windows web hosting dedicated server is extremely user friendly. The interfaces are easy to be moved around and most of the hardwork has been done thanks to the adept Microsoft programming team.

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