Web Design Tutorial Nigeria – Building A Successful Business Using The Internet

Web design tutorial Nigeria - web design training with a difference.

I am offering web design tutorials for people who want to start their own internet business. The title of the course is, "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet".

In this course, I will teach you how to build a profitable online business using the power of a web based software called Site Build It! (SBI!)

Why Site Build It!?

Simple. Site Build It! (SBI!) delivers profitable results . . . profitable internet businesses.

See a sample of about 450 web sites using SBI! These web sites all rank among the top 1% of web sites in the world wide web. And these are just sample web sites!

Thousands of small business people outperform major competitors simply by building a web site that pulls in unlimited prospects to their business day in day out, month after month. And they do it using the power of SBI!

Best of all, they get to build their own income generating web sites themselves . . . just like me!

You Too Can Build A Home Business of Your Own!

In the web design tutorial, I will hand hold you step by step through the process of brainstorming targeted keywords and building a highly profitable web site.

I will teach you how to use the integrated suite of software that makes SBI! the preferred small business web host. In the web design tutorial I will take you through every SBI! module that is essential to position your web business for success.

Site Build It! is an intensive suite of software with many integrated modules. It covers everything, I mean everything, you need to build and market your business online.

For example . . .

  • The brainstormer helps you brainstorm profitable keywords related to the subject of your web site. It shows you demand and supply data and calculates the profitability of each keyword. This ensures you build your site around a subject in high demand and therefore guarantees that your web business will be successful
  • SBI! ensures you don't buy just any domain name but takes you through a domain name selection process that ensures you don't violate any existing copyright that can pull down your business
  • SBI! has a variety of built-in pre-designed templates that enables anyone, even people without design skills, to put up a web site with good look and feel. This site uses one of the pre-designed templates in SBI!
  • SBI! has a user-friendly Site Builder that enables you to build the pages of your web site even without HTML experience
  • The "Analyze It!" tool analyzes each web page you build to ensure it meets search engine requirement and guarantee that each page ranks well with search engines
  • SBI! incorporates a simple to use form builder so you can build forms for any purpose e.g. feedback form. The process is as simple as ABC
  • SBI! autoresponder tools allows you to create unlimited single and multiple sequential autoresponders
  • SBI! has automatic RSS feed creation and site blogging
  • SBI! automatically submits your site to search engines and re-submits according to search engine rules
  • SBI! provides search engine ranking reports
  • SBI! has built-in ezine publishing tool
  • SBI! has state-of-the-art spam check to keep your ezine out of email junk boxes
  • SBI! comes with a step-by-step marketing guide to ensure you succeed

    . . . and more, much more!

    In simple words . . . SBI! takes care of the technology part of building an online business so you can focus your efforts on building your business.

    Feeling overwhelmed already?

    Don't be. That is why I am here.

    Why Attend The Web Design Tutorials? Why Don't You Just Build It Yourself?

    It makes good sense to just buy SBI! and start building your site yourself. That way you save money, right?

    Sounds like a good argument.

    But remember . . . Site Build It! is like a state-of-the-art computerized car. You can't just buy it and then start driving. You will crash the car if you do.

    The same goes with SBI!

    When you order SBI! you're told to first read the Action Guide (AG). You cannot succeed with SBI! if you disobey that advice.

    The Action Guide is the business building manual that comes with SBI! It lays out all you need to do to build a successful home business with Site Build It! The manual is about 190 pages.

    The Action Guide will also refer you to the ebook, "Make Your Content PreSell". This ebook is a MUST READ. It shows you how to write content that presells your audience, people who visit your web site, and create willing-to-buy mindset. This ebook is 140 pages long.

    With SBI! you have to read, read, read.

    Remember, you're not just building a web site . . . you're building a business. And building a business takes time and effort.

    Skip The Learning Curve And Get
    A Live Mentor!

    There's nothing like having a live teacher coach you, especially in a new field. Imagine learning how to use Microsoft Access without the help of a tutor or a guide. Interesting? Exciting? Most likely, not.

    Attending my web design tutorial, "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet", saves you the trouble of reading and reading. And there are a number of things you will not understand when you first read them, especially if you're new to the web.

    When you attend the web design tutorials I offer, you have the opportunity to ask any question you wish. You also have the opportunity of building your business as the lectures are going on.

    Bottom line.

    When you attend the course, you don't just leave with a certificate. No, you leave with a business you can continue to nurture and grow long after the course is over.

    So, do yourself and your business a favour . . . skip the learning curve. Get down to business right away.

    Save Money Now!

    There are two key reasons why you should register for this live web design tutorial.

    1. You skip the learning curve and get down to business right away as discussed above.

    2. You save money on an ongoing basis.

    You actually have two options to build your home based internet business.

    1. You can build it yourself using the integrated site brainstorming, site building, and site marketing tools of SBI! or

    2. You can pay me to build it for you

    Option 1 is available to you when you attend this web design tutorial. After the course, you will be an expert user of Site Build It! and continue to develop your business long after.

    However, if you are a busy person and don't have the time to build your own web site, you can pay me to do it for you.

    I charge =N=226,000 for a 30 page web site. And you will pay me service charge any time you want me to add a new page to your web site after the initial design.

    So, which is more cost effective? Pay me a small amount to teach you how to do it yourself or pay me for life to build and maintain your site?

    The choice is yours.

    Yes, you save money now and in the long-term by attending this web design tutorial.

    What Does It Cost?

    The tuition fee is =N=29,500. You also pay additional $299 for 1 yr subscription to Site Build It!

    Course Duration: 10 Saturdays, 3 hours each Saturday (11am - 2pm)

    Course Start Date: February 7, 2009

    Venue: 42 Olowu Street Ikeja

    Class Size: 10 students Maximum (to maintain the standard of the course)

    This training is intensive.

    Who said building a business is easy?

    Ask big corporations like Nestle, Nigerian Breweries, Coca Cola, Guinness. They will tell you that building a successful business requires hardwork, persistence, dogged determination, creativity, and innovation.

    Quitters never win and winners never quit.

    Yes . . .

    10 Days Of Intensive Training - The Best Of The Best

    Spread the world and spread it NOW!

    This will be the most intensive 10 weekends of activity you've had in a long time.

    In this 10 Saturdays, you will learn how to use the internet to send warm, willing-to-buy prospects to your business. It is Goodbye to handbill distribution and door to door merchandising.

    Once you attend this web design tutorial course . . .

    . . . and have your keyword focused content pages up

    . . . and your marketing plan executed

    . . . customers will flock to you through your web site.

    Customers will chase you instead of you chasing them.

    What can be better!

    There are only 10 seats to be filled. Do not delay. Act Now!

    Fill the form below to book a seat.

    P.S. Candidates are to make payment at least 1 week before the course date. This is to enable us setup your online account before the course starts. This course is internet based. You need an account to participate. So, make payment NOW.

    I Want To Register For
    "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet"

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

    Please enter the word that you see below.


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