Affiliate Program Nigeria - The Benefits of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program Nigeria - very few companies offer this sort of program in Nigeria.

But first, what are affiliate programs or associate programs?

Associate programs are revenue sharing schemes where a merchant offers to give independent distributors a percentage of the sale price as commission for each sale they make.

In this program, the independent distributor is . . .

  • Not an employee of the company
  • Does not earn salary from the company and
  • He's not tied to a work schedule from the company
  • The independent distributor is called an affiliate of the company he represents and earns the agreed commission per sale.

    How does this scheme benefit the merchant?

    Having an affiliate program benefits the merchant in several ways.

    1. Affiliates cover advertising costs. They decide where and how they want to advertise and cover all the advertising expenses. This cuts down advertising cost for the merchant.

    2. The merchant's products are advertised in ingenious ways and in places that even the company wouldn't have thought to advertise. Hence, the products get to the grassroots population at no extra cost to the merchant.

    3. Affiliates are highly motivated team of workers. They do not need long lectures in motivation to get up each day to the business of the day.

    4. Affiliates don't get paid retirement benefits, transport or medical allowances. All costs are borne by the affiliate thereby leaving the merchant to just collect the profit.

    5. The company benefits from word-of-mouth recommendation by affiliates from different backgrounds and communities. This usually converts faster as friends and family tend to take seriously and respect the recommendation of someone they know

    The benefit to the affiliate is that he . . .

  • Works when he likes
  • Is free to be wherever he wants to be - no boss breathing down his neck
  • Earns according to his abilities - no boss witch hunting him with threat of poor rating at annual appraisals

    If you are a merchant or a company desirous of growing astronomically within a short time, the path to follow is to establish a high paying affiliate program.

    You will cut cost in more ways than one. And your products will reach every nook and cranny of your country faster than you can say "Jack Robinson".

    Unfortunately, many companies and merchants in Nigeria do not yet appreciate the impact a revenue sharing scheme can have on their bottom line.

    They employ highly paid bloated consultants to evaluate their business and recommend the path to accelerated growth when a simple formula can do the trick.

    Many foreign companies like Tianshi grew like wide fire in Nigeria because they adopted the revenue sharing approach.

    In fact, they took the concept further to Multi Level Marketing - MLM. And to accelerate the viral effect of MLM, these companies introduced . . .

  • mlm training (where they teach mlm lead generation strategies)
  • mlm business opportunity seminars and
  • mlm awards

    Nigeria business people are yet to learn the art of business growth by sharing revenue. As you read this, don't keep it to yourself. Spread the word.

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