Instant Cash Affiliate Program Nigeria - Countless Ways To Make Money

Instant cash affiliate program Nigeria. This is the most lucrative affiliate program in Nigeria. We pay instant cash. No stories. No waiting for the month to end. We pay you what you earn.

That is true.

We are business people who believe in revenue sharing. We believe that people who recommend our products and services deserve to be rewarded for doing so. That is why we have set up our affiliate program in such a way that you keep earning.

The Instant Cash Affiliate program

All the products and services we offer are included in our affiliate program offer.

This means that you will get a commission when anyone you refer to our site buys anything from us. This is good because sometimes people you refer may buy something you did not advertise.

There are even better reasons to join our affiliate program.

1. Our affiliate program is a 2-tier affiliate program. That means you earn commission when you refer a paying client and when someone you refer also refers a client. You earn two ways!

2. We offer lifetime commissions. This means that when you send us a client, the client remains linked to you for life. So, if the client returns to buy from us after a year, you still get credited with the commission from the sale.


You do the job once and get commissions for life. Amazing!

What Is The Commission You Get?

The commission percent is different for different products and services. Below is the list of products and services we offer and the corresponding commission.

Product/Service 1st Tier Commission 2nd Tier Commission Web Site URL
Real Estate Platinum Membership =N=10,000 =N=3000 Become A Partner
Commission on property sale or letting 30% of agency fee received by ZY Properties 10% of agency fee received by ZY Properties Become A Partner
Solo Build It! Training 7,000 3,000 Internet Training
Web design Client 7% of value of transaction 2% of value of transaction Web Site Design
Small business directory listing 10% of value of listing 5% of value of listing Business Directory

Make Cool Cash

Make cool cash from our instant cash affiliate program.

Start marketing our products and services and start earning big time.

P.S. We pay affiliates every two weeks. This is due to the logistics of paying affiliates daily.

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