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Online business directory Nigeria.

This directory is a directory of small business online in Nigeria. The good news is that it cost nothing to join this directory. Membership is FREE.

What is the criteria for joining this directory?

To join, you have to . . .

  • Already have a web site and
  • Be willing to exchange links with this site

    Don't have a web site?

    Then join the Nigeria small business directory.

  • The Nigeria small business directory is for small businesses in Nigeria without a web site but who desire to use the power of the internet to grow their business.

    Back to the online business directory. How does this small business online directory work?

    You initiate the process. How?

    Step 1: Create a link to this web site using the Title and Description text below. And then link to this site using the link text provided.

    Here are the details.

    TITLE: Home Based Internet Business For Small Business

    Site Description:

    The site provides down-to-earth information on how to start and successfully run a home based internet business. Visit this site to get solid advice on how to make your online business prosperous.

    Step 2:

    Fill the Form below with . . .

  • the URL of the page on your site from where you linked to this site
  • the title you want me to use to link to your site
  • the description you want to appear on the dedicated page that links to your site

    I will then verify that you have linked to this site. And approve your submission to appear on this site. Your listing will not appear on this site unless I approve it.

    Please note.

    1. I will link to the page from which you linked to my site

    2. Do not remove the link to this site from your site after I have linked to your site. That is fraud.

    3. My web site software automatically monitors links to my site. And I will de-list you if you ever remove my link from your site

    4. I exchange links only with credible value-adding sites. Don't bother to submit your site for inclusion in this directory if your site is a spam site or a mirror site

    What is the advantage of linking to this site?

    You get a full dedicated page . . . a page dedicated to just your site not one with over a hundred links where yours get loss in the crowd.

    Besides, visitors can also rate your site. The higher the rating, the more credibility you build for your site and your business.

    Bottom line.

    You get premium service when you list your site with this site

    Nigeria Online Business Directory


    Real Estate

    Cars & Car Accessories




    Hotels & Restaurants



    Drinks & Beverage

    Electronics & Electrical

    Doctors & Medical

    Law & Legal

    Finance & Consulting

    Society & Family

    Want to list your business here but can't find the appropriate category for your small business online?

    Contact me to create a category that best suite your products or services.

    Want to link to this site but your business is outside Nigeria?

    Submit your site to the worldwide online business directory.

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