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Make money online. I guess you have heard that slogan again and again. Wherever you look on the internet people are talking about making "insane" amount of money on the internet.

They promise to show you how to make non-stop internet income that will threaten to blow your bank account and drive your account manager crazy.

In Nigeria, these opportunity merchants have extended the easy money opportunity campaign even to newspapers.

Words, words, words . . . that is all most internet opportunity sellers are made of.

They make so much noise about how easy it is to make loads of money from the internet.

You see ads such as . . .

"Make money online - Three Easy Steps"

"Cart away loads of cash with zero investment"

"Invest $25 only and earn $1500 everyday"

No doubt you have been bombarded by such ads again and again. And they make it look like you can earn huge amounts of money from the internet with minimum effort.

However, when you dig deep, you find that majority of this people are actually selling a high-priced internet opportunities ebook filled with old recycled theories that teach you nothing new.

Is there money to be made on the net?

Of course, yes.

Can you actually make thousands of dollars month after month from your internet business?

Oh, yes.

Will you make this money with minimum effort?

Of course, not.

Here's the truth.

Running a business is hard work. The internet does not change that. Some of your marketing efforts will pay off and make you money. Some won't.

However, you will increase your chances of success by following a tried and tested approach to set up and run your home based business and make money from home.

Yes, there are several ways to make money online. There are a good number of ways to take that a step further and make some extra money above and beyond your average online income.

However, there are also several ways to lose money. Any income opportunity that sound too good to be true usually is.

So, don't jump into every income opportunity you see on the web. Evaluate each opportunity and do good research to determine if it's worth your time and effort before joining.

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