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Ecommerce web site hosting is web hosting that provides the framework you need to host an ecommerce web site.

What is ecommerce?

It is electronic commerce . . . the selling of products and services via the internet.

It often consists of . . .

  • online product display via a web site
  • online marketing through affiliate programs
  • A shopping cart
  • online credit card processing via a secure server
  • online delivery of product or service such as ebooks or membership to protected pages of a web site

    The ecommerce requirements above calls for some form of database functionality. This functionality can be incorporated into a web site using PHP and MYSQL combination.

    The site owner can either build this himself or outsource it to a web designer to design for him or use a third party service.

    Third party ecommerce services include . . .

  • Third party credit card processing using third party merchant account
  • Affiliate tracking software and
  • Affiliate programs

    The job of the web hosting company in all of this is to provide the platform where the site owner can upload the software tools and run them hitch-free on the hosting server.

  • The platform can either support PHP/MYSQL or Microsoft ASP/ASPX/MSql.

    PHP/MYSQL are open source software. That means, anyone is free to modify the code, add to it, and even profit from it.

    The fact that the code is open for modification by anyone is the main attraction of PHP/MYSQL. For you the client, it means you can always get a different programmer to continue from where one stopped if you're not satisfied with the level of service you're getting.

    Seamless Solutions web hosting service is

    link ecommerce web site hosting. It is premium ecommerce web hosting that is Linux-based.

    Linux Web Hosting coupled with Apache is able to accommodate all of the most requested Web Hosting account options.

    For advanced developers who prefer to program in Perl, C and C++ or PHP our web hosting packages include everything you need.

    See details.

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