Free Web Hosting Services - Advantages of Free Web Site Hosting

Free web hosting services are popular on the internet. This is because it is a marketing strategy that attracts a lot of crowd. And a lot of crowd to a web hosting site eventually translates to more money for the web hosting company.

What are the advantages of free web site hosting to you the customer?

For starters, it is FREE. That means you pay nothing. This is an advantage because it means you have one less thing to worry about.

A second advantage is that many free web hosting service providers have a simple to use site building software that enables you put up your web site by simple point-and-click action.

This means you do not need specialized skills to put up your web pages. And you do not need to pay an expensive web site designer to build you a web site.

However, it is important to note that nothing really is free. If a company offers you something free, you end up paying for it in kind. This is not necessarily bad unless, of course, if they are scamming you in some way with their backend products.

Having said that, what are the disadvantages of using free web hosting services?

First, you lose your branding. How?

Well, the major free web site hosting service providers often place ads on the pages of your web site. The ads usually appear at the top and bottom of your web pages. Some ads may also be placed at the sides depending on the web host.

Those ads on your pages make money for your web hosting company. And they distract your audience away from your products or services.

The second disadvantage of free web site hosting is closely related to the first and it is this: You lose control when you use a free hosting service.

They gave you the space free, right? So, they reserve the right to advertise anywhere they wish on the web space they gave you. You can't complain too much because you didn't pay for it.

Additionally, they can change their policy about their free service any time. And that change can leave you and your business in the cold.

The truth is . . . you cannot control what you did not pay for. The hosting company won't tell you that, of course.

Third, many potential customers won't take you seriously if your web site is hosted with a free web site hosting service. How can they when you don't even have the business sense to build your own business on a firm foundation?

Bottom line.

Free web site hosting services is not for you if you want to build a strong and profitable brand online.

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