Small Business Web Hosting Nigeria - Avoid Costly Mistakes

Small business web hosting Nigeria. This is different from conventional hosting.

What is the difference?

Conventional or traditional web hosting is about . . .

  • Buying computer space from a web hosting company
  • Building your web site and
  • Uploading your web site to the hosting company's servers

    Once you have done this, your web site becomes visible to the entire world.

  • You're excited. You tell friends and family that you and your products are now on the world wide web. Finally, you're now an internet merchant!

    Unfortunately, it ends there.

    You don't get visitors to your site. People don't visit, so making sales is out of the question. You lose money and you wonder why.

    The reason for your web business failure is because you have not used the small business web hosting approach to build your online business.

    Small business web hosting is about business . . . it is business approach to web hosting.

    This approach involves . . .

  • Brainstorming to find keywords related to your target market. That is, the words your target market or audience use to search for your kind of business in internet search engines
  • Pruning out low profitability keywords. High profitability keywords are keywords that have high demand and low supply. That is, identifying areas (or keywords) with low competition where you can easily excel and win the game
  • Building your web pages around those profitable keywords that guarantees that your target audience or target market will find your products or services when they do searches in search engines like,, etc These pages are called Keyword Focused Content Pages
  • Writing search engine optimized content pages
  • Writing to PreSell your target market
  • Marketing your online business using proven techniques and getting free targetted visitors thereby exploding your return on investment (ROI)
  • Building lifelong relationships with customers

    Bottom line.

    Small business web hosting is about the outcome that matters most . . . profits. It is a marketing approach to setting up an online business.

    It involves . . .

  • Searching out what your consumers want (market research) and
  • Developing products that satisfy your consumers (customer satisfaction)

    This is the only way to build a thriving long-term business.

    It is important that you understand this fundamental difference now. If you don't, and choose to go for cheap conventional web hosting, you will be in tears 2yrs down the road.

    So, what small business hosting company can do all of the above successfully?

    Well, there are many web hosting companies who parade themselves as being web hosting companies for small business. In reality, they are nothing close to it.

    I recommend Site Build It! (SBI!) because I have used it and the result is great.

    This site was Built with Solo Build It! My real estate site was also built with SBI! The results speak for themselves.

    Check out Site Build It!

    Getting online using the Solo Build It! platform is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

    Build My Web Site For Me

    Building A Successful Internet Business

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