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I am pleased to present to you Web design tips for webmasters and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. This web page design tips will help you build effective web sites in Nigeria and worldwide.

The key words here are effective web sites.

This is where many webmasters miss the point. They focus on building flashy web sites with massive flash animation that take like forever to load.

They create amazingly beautiful designs that catch the fancy of observers. Clients are blown away when they see the final work. They proudly show their web sites to friends and family.

But all of that excitement die down when weeks and months row by without a single prospect sent from the web site to their business.

They wait and wait for things to improve but nothing happens. The beautifully designed web site just sits there . . . lost in the world wide web.

Surfers do not find it in search engines because the web page design did not incorporate search engine optimisation and marketing tools in the design.

Consequently, the web site owner gets no prospect and no income from his web business. The web site therefore dies a slow painful death.

The web design tips below is provided to help web page design experts and do-it-yourself enthusiasts re-think their web design strategy. And this applies to you whether you're a designer in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

The steps are outlined below.

1. Define the purpose of the web site

2. Define your approach to the subject matter. For example, a young man writing about Lagos Nigeria will approach the subject differently from a real estate agent writing about Lagos Nigeria even though they are discussing the same city.

3. Brainstorm keywords surfers use to find information related to the subject of the web site you're about to design

4. Plan monetization options - what other ways will the web site owner make money beside sale of her products or services?

5. Decide the domain name. Be sure to include the site's primary keyword in the domain name

6. Include country name in keywords list and domain name if your web site is country specific. For example, http://www.lagos-nigeria-real-estate-advisor.com is a web site about Lagos Nigeria real estate

7. Specify your keywords and page name in lower case. Research shows that more web surfers search in lower case than upper case

8. Write good content. Write with persuasive conviction

9. Build links for the web site

10. Include a newsletter

11. Incorporate a list building feature like a free ecourse to ecourage ezine sign up

The web design tips above address real issues.

Get this straight.

A web site is a marketing tool. When a business person comes to you to build her a site, she expects that the site will enhance the profitability of her business.

Consequently, your focus should not be PHP/MYSQL, CGI, ASPX, or any other fancy program. It should not even be about impressing visitors to the web site.

Your priority should be to build your client a site that builds traffic, brings unlimited prospects to her business, and makes her money.

When you achieve that, she will leave happy and satisfied. And she will recommend your business to others. And your web design business will grow.

Grow your clients' business and you will grow yours.

Stick with this web design tips and web page design strategy and you will succeed.

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