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There is no shortage of small business ideas in Nigeria. Countless people have home business ideas. Usually, the problem is not generating the ideas, but actually converting those business ideas into real businesses.

That notwithstanding, let's spare a moment to review profitable small business ideas.

Note those words . . . profitable home business ideas.

Obviously, not all business opportunities in Nigeria and, indeed the world, are profitable business opportunities.

For an idea to be profitable, it must be SMART. That is . . .

SPECIFIC - The idea must be defined in clear terms

MEASURABLE - You cannot breathe life into a business idea that cannot be measured

ACHIEVABLE - It must be within your reach

REALISTIC - It should be something you can do

TIME BOUND - It should have a time frame for execution

Make no mistake about it. Profitable home business ideas are business ideas that are SMART.

Smart ideas are executable. Smart ideas grow to become real businesses that provide livelihood for the people who developed it and those whom they employ to manage it.

Below are some smart small business ideas you can latch onto and develop into income generating businesses.

Note that not all the features of a SMART business idea are included. This is only just a guide. I know you can flesh it up on your own.

1. Bottled water business on a fenced dedicated landed property and separated from neighbouring houses thereby avoiding instances of contamination.

It will have a water treatment plant and should be certified okay by NAFDAC before commencement of operations.

2. Block making industry producing bricks and vibrated blocks. The company will leverage on the power of the internet to get clients from all over Lagos Nigeria. The focus will be both small and medium income earners. Pricing will be moderate. Truck will be available to deliver orders all over Lagos Nigeria.

3. Fashion design business devoted to making women beautiful by creating out-of-the-books-design for young and mature women. The company will organize training courses for young women interested in building a career in fashion design.

4. A mobile card company providing GSM call cards to customers at points of convenience. The focus of the company is to set up GSM card sale centres in at least two third of the petrol stations in Lagos Nigeria. The company will partner with major petrol stations to make GSM call cards available to Lagosians as they drive in to buy petrol or diesel.

I could go on and on.

But I know you have got the point. And it is this.

Don't just have small business ideas that stay stuck in your head and that die with you. You're hot, you're sharp. You're smarter than the dumb job you're currently stuck with and unhappy about.

Nurture those home business ideas. Draw up a comprehensive business plan of how you intend to transform those ideas from theory to reality.

I assure you . . . the world is yours for the taking.

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