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I am a Nigeria seo web design expert. The web sites I build send unlimited leads and prospects to my clients' business.

What you get from me as a client is more or less a free web design.

Wait. Does this mean you don't pay for my services?

Of course, not.

What this means is that I use the SEO web design philosophy for all web sites I design. This philosophy means that all the web pages on your web site will pass through the search engine optimisation software I use in my design.

What does the search engine optimisation software do?

It analyzes the content I write for your web site word-by-word to verify that it meets the high standard of search engines like,, etc

The software analyzes each page's . . .

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Headlines
  • Body copy and
  • links

    . . . to ensure they will pass the litmus test of search engines.

    The final analysis is that each page in your web site is highly regarded by search engines.

    Consequently, these search engines send you visitors . . . targeted leads, warm willing-to-buy prospects that convert to customers.

    The volume of customers who come to you to do business with you will grow as your web site steadily gains momentum and build traffic that happily convert to paying customers.

    The cost of building your web site will then pale into insignificance because of the traffic power of my seo web design.

    The web design becomes basically free web design because of the income generating power of the web site.

    A word of caution.

    There are many web site designers out there who will design a web site for you for only a handful of notes . . . cheap web design.

    You leave happy thinking you have saved money.

    But after years of having your web site up and no sales, you discover you actually shot yourself in the leg by looking for cheap web design.

    "Cheap thing e no good and good thing e no cheap"

    That is the pidgin English slogan in Nigeria that emphasizes the fact that cheap stuff can be deadly stuff.

    So, do your business a favour . . . settle only for the best.

    My web design services uses a software called Site Build It! (SBI!)

    Solo Build It! has a track record of building successful businesses.

    I used it to build my real estate business In January 2008 alone, that web site sent me 4,858 unique prospects.

    Imagine your own web site with that number of visitors every month. What will that do to your business?

    Your answer is as good as mine.

    If you desire to take your business to the next level using the power of the internet . . . if you want to send unlimited leads to your business with zero advertising cost like me . . . then signup for my small business website design package.

    It's the path to online business success.

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