Internet marketing Strategy Nigeria – Successful Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategy Nigeria.

Okay, I keep saying Nigeria because it's my target market. But in reality, these internet marketing strategies are for you if you do business online whether you live in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

What is the strategy?

The strategy is simple. It should actually be the focus of every business owner, be it a small business owner or a large corporation.

So, what is the internet marketing startegy that ensures your business is successful?

It is this . . . focus on building traffic to your web business. It is warm willing-to-buy traffic or prospects that convert to customers.

So, whatever you do, the focus should be to get more visitors to your web site. Anything beside this is a waste of your business time.

The bottom line in any business is profit. And profit is what you get after your subtract your business expenses from your revenue. The wider the positive margin between your business expenses and your revenue, the higher the profit you make.

Remember . . . prospects convert to paying customers. The more prospects you have, the greater your revenue and hence, the greater your profit margin.

Obviously, not all prospects will become customers. Only a certain percentage of those who visit your web site will eventually buy your products or services. The more the visitors, the more the number of people who buy.

For example, suppose your product or service has a 2% conversion rate.

This means that if hundred people visit your site per month, you will sell two products per month. If the number of visitors to your site increase to 1000 per month, you will sell 20 products per month.

If you focus heavily on sharpening your internet marketing skills and invest heavily on internet advertising or small business advertising your internet business will see a sharp rise in sales.

Now suppose your internet marketing strategy results in a leap in site traffic from 1000 visitors per month to 10,000 visitors per month. Your sales will grow correspondingly from 20 sales per month to 200 sales per month.

See what I mean?

Let me repeat myself . . . whatever you do, focus on building your site traffic. All your marketing and promotional efforts should be geared towards getting more visitors to your web business. Discard any activity that does not contribute to this fundamental internet marketing strategy.

Now that you understand that philosophy, the next natural question is . . .

What are the internet marketing techniques for promoting your site so that you multiply the number of visitors to your site?

The strategies include . . .

  • Link building
  • Writing free articles for online article directories and offline magazines and newspapers
  • Educational marketing
  • Viral marketing using free ebooks and free ecourses
  • Affiliate program set up - motivated affiliates spend their own time and money promoting your products at no cost to you
  • Search engine advertising
  • Ezine advertising

    Follow the links above for more details.

    Hopefully you have got the point.

    The bottom line for a business is profit. No profit, no business. And profits come when your internet business is busy with thousands of clients month after month and with the total business expenses being only a small fraction of the revenue.

    Adopt this internet marketing strategy and your internet business will bring you substantial income month after month.

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